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The occupiers of all public buildings larger than 250 m2 that are frequently visited by the public must display a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) in a prominent place.

At Castleton Energy Assessments we are accredited for the preparation of Display Energy Certificates for all types of public building. To prepare the DEC we will need to carry out a survey of the building, and we will need evidence of the total energy consumption during a 12-month period (e.g. AMR readings or supplier’s bills).

Because the amount of work involved varies widely, depending on the building’s size and complexity, and on whether the client can provide floor plans, there is no fixed price for providing a DEC. We will provide an individual fixed price quotation for each building.

Along with the DEC, clients will also receive an Advisory Report suggesting ways to reduce the building’s energy consumption.

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What’s needed for a DEC?